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Be a partner in the project for the preservation and commemoration of folk dance culture in Israel and around the world!!

Unfortunately, the “folk dance section” in the Ministry of Culture does not find a way to fund this site for the preservation of the folk dance culture. I am appealing to each and every one of you: if this site is important to you, if you want it to develop, please refer to Repovel our favorites club – VIP here (only 85 NIS + VAT) per year.

In addition, you have the option here to support the newspaper’s website, so that I can put all the huge material of over a hundred newspapers into the website. Reach a support of NIS 50,000…

Here is a short video from 8.8.2023, documenting the winning of the award for the fifth president of the State of Israel Mr. Yitzhak Navon.

Thank you very much!
Yaron Misher, editor

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Thank you from "Rokdim-Narkoda"
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- מ. אלמוני ישראל ₪2000

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21/01/2024 VIP נעמי מוס Israel ₪100

אני מרקידה בירושלים מעל 20 שנה. נעזרת המון בסרטוני רוקדים, וגם הרוקדות שלי. בנוסף, אני שמחה שניתן לרכוש את המוזיקה באופן חוקי ומסודר. רב תודות לירון על כל ההשקעה במפעל הנפלא הזה. ברכה והצלחה!

01/01/2024 - (ק. ש.) ישראל ₪100

10/12/2023 - shmuel kremer Israel ₪100

25/11/2023 VIP Rosy Gubbay Italy $180

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