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This is a gallery of the people behind all the articles on the site. Many are still missing. It turns out that many wrote for our magazines….
Here you will find all the editors, reporters (journalists), writers (occasional reporters) and translators and photographers.
Each person has a personal profile with the most current we were able to collect.
Everyone wrote voluntarily. No one was paid for his work. Thank you wonderful people!
Each of you is welcome to send an update to your personal profile, including a translation for the English page.
Yaron Meishar, Editor



Goodman Ruth
2004 - Until Today

Dancer and dance instructor, editor of the Rokdim-Nirkoda Magazin

Uziel Danny
2004 - Until Today

Dancer and dance instructor, editor

Ochana Eyal
1995 - 1995

Content Editor

Meishar Yaron
1988 - Until Today

Instructor, owner of the "Rokdim" website, editor of "Rokdim-Nirkoda" magazine

Rozenblum Mordechai
1988 - 1988

Director General of the Israel Press and Media Council


Asor Shime'on
Ben Asher David

Colonel (Res.), Journalist and poet

Ben Harush Yehuda

A researcher with extensive knowledge of international folklore

Dagan Tzipora

One of the first folk dance instructors in the pre-state years

Demer Rafi

Specialist in International folk dance and folklore

Dudai Bracha (R.I.P)

Choreographer, Director of the Folk Dance Section at the Histadrut, Director of the Performing Arts Department of the Jerusalem Municipality

Eshel Ruth

Researcher and critic of dance, choreographer and dancer. Editor of the journal Machol Achsav (Dance Now)

Frenkel Yosef (R.I.P)

Journalist, editor, publisher and thinker

Fridhaber Zvi (R.I.P)
Geva Maya

A folk dance instructor who focuses on guiding children, the elderly and people with special needs

Goldschmidt Matti

IFD Instructor

Halali Oren

Dancer and Choreographer

Huber Alex

Rokdim-Nirkoda photographer

Klein Rinat
Krymolwsky Miri

Art Historian, Who Explores Culture In Israel And Around The World

Levy Benjamin

Choreographer, English teacher

Livne Cheli

Folk dance instructor and journalist

Meishar Yaron

Instructor, owner of the "Rokdim" website, editor of "Rokdim-Nirkoda" magazine

On behalf of the Editors General
Ronene Dan (R.I.P)
Shkop Daniel

Developing software and folk dance instructor

Sidi Yoav
Spivak Yossi (R.I.P)

Musicologist, music teacher

Uziel Danny

Dancer and dance instructor, editor


Aharoni Chizkiya
Alfasi Ofer

Folk dance instructor and choreographer

Alon Drora

Dancer and Choreographer

Aloni Chana (R.I.P)
Amir Hila

Tour Guide

Argov Naomi

Ballroom dance teacher

Arieli Eti

Reporter in the community television of Ramat Gan and for the newspaper "New Direction" in the city

Ashkenazi Ilana


Ashkenazi Ruth
Ashriel Yoav (R.I.P)

Choreographer and instructor. One of the founders of the folk dance movement in Israel

Ashriel Rakefet

Senior Certified Physical Education Teacher, MA in Sports Science, Lecturer in Wingate Courses

Avidan Barry

Dancer And Choreographer

Avidan Tali

Lawyer, dancer

Avidan Smadar
Ben David Amnon


Ben Shushan Ronit
Benesh Tzipi
Benshalom Dany

Folk Dance teacher

Berkowitz Avi
Berlin Gabi

Singer and host of poetry evenings

Betzer Yigal

researches and documents of folk dance in Israel

Bitton Gadi

Dancer, Choreographer, Producer and Artistic director

Boaron Galia

Kindergarten Teacher and folk dance instructor

Bollag Ronit

Folk Dance Instructor

Burghardt Livia
Caricato Yoni

Dancer and Instructor

Chalfin Ilana
Chamama Ruvio
Chayt Naftali
Chemi Devora
Chermon Shalom  (R.I.P)

Instructor, choreographer, father of the dancing school program at the Ministry of Education

Cohen Chaiym
Coriel Harry
Drori Avi
Efrat Avital
Eileen Weinstock
Eimanuel Yehuda

Instructor and choreographer

Eshel Edna
Eskayo Chaya

Dancer and Choreographer

Eskayo Irit

Teacher, dancer, Choreographer

Fuchs Manor Ofra

Dancer and Singer

Gabai Viktor

Instructor and choreographer

Gabai Yonatan (R.I.P)
Gil Nativ Gil Nativ
Gilad Ami
Gluska-Raz Nava
Golan Amir

Folk dance instructor

Golan Eitche (R.I.P)

Formerly Chief Education Officer in the IDF and later the director of the Ben Shemen Youth Village

Goodman Ruth

Dancer and dance instructor, editor of the Rokdim-Nirkoda Magazin

Goren-kadman Ayalah
Gov Ari Shmulik

Dancer and Choreographer

Greenblatt Edy

Dance Ethnologist, Master Teacher

Grinfeld Nurit

Dancer and Choreographer

Ha'Levi Moshiko Itzchak

Choreographer, composer, poet

Harel Yair

Choreographer and folk dance instructor for children and adults

Harizman Tzlila


Hershkocich Dalya
Hillman Zvi (R.I.P)
Hodorov Shosh


Hoffman Shuki

Dancer and Choreographer

Ingber Judith
Jacobson Ruth
Kaplan Karen
Katz Esti


Kaufman Chaim
Keren Zeev


King Allen


Kohen Eli
Kokus Rika


Lerner Miryam

International Folk dance expert

Levin Lipski Aura

Publsh and run an Israeli dance website

Levy Gavri (R.I.P)

Choreographer, dancer, football activist

Linenberg Michal

Dancer and Director of Bikurei Ha'etim Center

Livne Adi
Maman Shlomo

Dancer, creator, director, choreographer, artistic director of the Carmiel Festival for 20 years

Maman Lucy

Dancer and Choreographer

Manor Giora (R.I.P)

Dance researcher

Meir Yishai
Meir Rina


Miler Avi

world-known Tap teachers, dancers and producers

Milshtein Rachel

Associate Professor in the Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Pioneer of Oriental Dance in Israel and teaches it

Miro Michael
Mizrachi Arnona
Moss Phil

Folk Dance Instructor

Neuman Gdalit

Former dancer and current dance educator and researcher

Oren Amos
Oriyon Nir

Prof. at the Weizmann Institute of Science

Paz Nira


Peretz Avi
Peretz Nava

Former principal of Tali School - Adam and his world

Peri Miri
Peri Shemi
Pinkas Moshe

Dance Instructor

Rinda Tuvia

Marketing, management and operations strategist

Ronen Eli

Dancer and Choreographer

Ronen-Tamir Ronit


Sason Yoram

Folk Dance Instructor and Choreographer

Schmidt Alon

Dancer and manager of Lehakat Karmon - the Karmon Troupe

Sebok Tamar

Correspondent in France for Yedioth Achronot

Segal (Mor) Chedva


Shachaf Levi Miri

Executive Director of Dancing Classrooms Israel (Amutat Kitot Rokdot Yisrael)

Shachar Orly


Sharet Rena

Dance teacher, choreographer and dance researcher

Sheffi Aharon
Shelef Sara
Shem Tov Kobi
Shlomo Ayala

Dance instructor

Shtamer Elad

Instructor, dancer, singer, producer

Shtreisfeld Zeev
Siman Tov Yehuda
Siman Tov Roni

Dancer and Choreographer

Slutzki Liora
Spivak Ra'aiya

Choreographer, children's dance instructor

Sulkin Adi

Certified teacher and lecturer in music and rhythmics

Swissa Ilana

Chairman of the Markidim and Choreographers Association

Tabashi Yuval
Tal-Gan Yossi

former director of the Israel Festival and the Culture Department of the Jerusalem Municipality

Tavori Lior

Dancer and Choreographer

Telem Moshe

Dancer and Choreographer

Tucker Loui

Editor of "Let's Dance!" magazine

Tzaidi Gilad


Vaknin Itzhak
Vizenfeld Shmuel
Wilkomirsky Roni
Winkler Helen
Yakovee Israel
Yakovee Michelle

Folk dance dancer

Yanovich Tzipi
Yeversov Tal
Za'arur Meir


Zemach Chiym

A veteran folk dance instructor, an expert in nostalgia and middle-of-the-road dances, a moshiko lover. Former community social worker.

Ziv Nitza
Zukerman Itamar


טל און זהבית



Aduculesi Shani
Berlingr Dvora
Engelman Zaltzberg Annetta

Choreographer, Dance Teacher and Dancer

Fisberg Tania
Fixler Judy
Frumkin Haya
Goodman Ruth

Dancer and dance instructor, editor of the Rokdim-Nirkoda Magazin

Huber Alex

Rokdim-Nirkoda photographer

Levy Benjamin

Choreographer, English teacher

Matmon Dena
Nicol Debbie
Roginsky Dina
Schoenberg Ruth
Shragai Tzipi
Tischler Malka (R.I.P)
Tzvi Diana
Vachnoon Shira