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Ph.D Ronene Dan (R.I.P)

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March 2004

Born – 1933, Israel


Director Division of Culture and Art, Ministry of Education and Culture, Israel (1977-1998).

Assistant Minister of Education and Culture (1966-1977).

Director Youth Dept. Municipality of Jerusalem (1956-1960).

Central “Shalich” of the Youth and Education Dept. of the J.N.F to the U.S.A (1960-1965).

Lecturer School of Education, School of Social Work, and the School for Overseas Students -Hebrew University, Jerusalem, (1966-1977).

Lecturer – in the fields of Art Education, Culture administration, and Folklore in the University of Haifa course for administrators of culture programs (1985-1997), and Many In-service Training courses in many institutions in Israel and abroad (1980).

Several times a “Scholar in Residence” on behalf of Jewish agency in universities and Jewish communities all over the U.S.A.

A consultant on Art planing to the Culture Division of the Municipality of Jerusalem (1998).


– Hebrew University Jerusalem.  B.A. Education and International Relations (1957).

– Hebrew University Jerusalem (Law) (1960).

– N.Y. University, N.Y.C, USA, M.A. – Ph.D, Education, (1965).

Public Service

– Chairman Board of Directors “Betzalel” Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

(1969-1992). Member of the Board (1993).

– Chairman, Board of Directors, Jerusalem Y.M.H.A, (1980 -1990).

– Member Board of Directors, Israel Museum, Jerusalem (1974-1981).

– Member Board of Directors, Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem and the chairman of the subcommittee for the conservatory (1974).

– Chairman, Steering Committee of the “Arab Culture Month” in Israel (1980).

– Member of the Board of the Central Archive of the History of the Jewish People,  Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1988)

– Member of “Omanut Laam” Board of Directors 1970-1999.

– Member of the National Council of Libraries and the National Council of Museums in Israel (1988-1998).

– Chairman, Steering Committee of the Center for Absorption of Immigrants Artist In Israel (1991-1998).

– Chairman of the Public Council of  “Sovlanut” (Tolerance). Non-partisan Movement Against Violence (1998).

– President of Israel Sector of the CIOFF – Non Government International Organization of Festivals of Folklore (1998).

– President of the World Council for Yiddish Culture (1999).

– Member of the steering committees of “Sal Tarbut” – the national program for Art  Education and “Mattan” – a national project for excellence in Art education.

– Member of the Board of Directors of the Israeli Ballet (1998).


– Published many articles in the fields of Education, Educational Administration; Social Psychology (Attitudes change); Art education; Adult education; The Culture of Israel;

Culture Administration; Folklore (Folk-dances and ethnic dances); among them:

Ronen Dan – “50 years of Art Education in Israel” in the Fifty years of Education in Israel, Elad Peled (Ed.); Sept. 1998, Misrad Habitachon, Tel Aviv.

Ronen Dan -“Culture Administration Skills” in Administrative Skills, Dov Goldberger (Ed.) “Matnasim” – The Community Centers Association, March 2000.

Ronen Dan – “The Mimona Tradition” – A study of the roots and development of the traditional Jewish North-African festival, Agudat Beiyachad -Founded by North African Jewish Intellectuals. April 1997, Jerusalem.

Ronen Dan – “Israel Folkdances a Unique Experiment in Synthesis of Cultures” – A lecture in the International Association of Dance in Asia, Manila Philippines, 1991, July.

Ronen Dan – “A dialogue of Identities in The “challenge of Sovereignty”, M. Baron (ed).

An analysis of the impact of the years 1950 – 1960, on the formulation of the State of Israel, Yad Ben Tzvi, Jerusalem, 1999.

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