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Welcome to the website “”. Here to referred to as “Rokdim.” Rokdim is a global information center on Israeli folk dances and International folk dances. The registered information is the property of “Rokdim”. It may not be copied without permission and placed on other sites except by way of sharing.

Do not download video or audio files from our servers except by way of an authorized purchase through the “Rokdim” site.


The site presents video footage of dances that were recorded at the “Rokdim” studio, with the permission of the dance choreographer. The videos are accompanied by music that is custom edited for the dance, in accordance with the way in which the dance was choreographed and recorded.

Upon purchase from Rokdim (music and video) royalties are paid to ACUM and the record companies that have agreed to our use of their music for the purpose of our work.

The purchaser may make “fair-use” of the files he purchased from “Rokdim”, according to the rule of law. The purchaser is not authorized to transfer them to a third party, or to make them available to the public in any way.

A user may quote a reasonable quote from the articles on the site or share by way of a link anywhere, clearly stating “Rokdim” as the source. Entire articles may not be copied without the expressed written permission of “Rokdim”.

Privacy protection

Some services require the collection of private detailed information about the user in order for him to receive a product/service. Your privacy is important to us. The information we collect at the time of purchases – name, ID number, address, email, telephone, credit card number, etc., is necessary for ordering the product/service (billing, delivery, etc.)

We prevent unauthorized access to our databases by way of using SSL technology. We keep the information up to date, and make sure the data is used correctly. We have implemented physical, technological and electronic procedures to secure the information we collect on the site. לפרט מה הטכנולוגיה

All purchases and credit card details are protected by the SSL protection service in accordance with the regulations (Tamir, please register here accurately). The detailed information “Rokdim” is collecting are private and ensures the customer that when they see that padlock and “https://”, their privacy is safe.

“Rokdim” will use the email address for the purpose of informing you about events relevant to folk dancing and various specials for your personal benefit and not for any other purpose. We will also not share your address information with to any other body.

You can request removal from our mailing list at any time.

“Cookies” are pieces of information that come from the web server, and are written in a browser. They are usually used to create continuity in the connection between the user and the server, and are used to collect the said data.

The “cookie” mechanism can be controlled from within the browser. The user can at any time cancel the use of “cookies”, and control the flow of information in “cookies”. The use of “cookies” is not a condition of using the site.

The statistical information collected during the use of “Rokdim” is not used to locate the identity of the users and / or any other use that violates the privacy of the individual, and is intended to facilitate the user’s use “Rokdim” only.

For more information on managing cookies using Google Analytics, click here.

Purchase of dance recordings (audio and video)

“Rokdim” provides licensed video and music presentations and pays royalties to rights holders.

Due to the terms of the license, once the file has been transferred to your personal account, the transaction can no longer be canceled.

After purchasing a dance package = audio file and video file (if it exists).) you can transfer it to a personal account, of your choice, and then the dance is yours forever.

The downloadable files are the best we can display and the client receives them “as is.” The sample of music for a dance on “Rokdim” (30 seconds) is for dance identification only. The product itself may have a different recording and orchestration.

The files on “Rokdim” are the property of “Rokdim” and are sold to you for personal use only. Do not upload these files to the Internet and do not use them on file-sharing sites, or distribute them in any other way. Copying and/or handing them over to others constitutes a violation of the Terms of Use, a violation of copyright law and impairs our ability to improve the service and develop the site.

Prices may vary (up or down) depending on the changing situation. In case of a change in price it will not affect dances already in your personal account. The right you purchased will remain unchanged, depending on the package you paid for.

By making the purchase you acknowledge that you have read this explanation and you agree to these terms.

Purchase VIP and VIP +

Upgrading your status on “Rokdim” to a preferred VIP or VIP + customer, gives you additional rights on “Rokdim”. These rights may be changed and upgraded from time to time in accordance with “Rokdim” policy.

Your joining this status can be canceled at any time before the payment of the standing order and also up to 14 days after the payment.

By making the purchase you acknowledge that you have read this explanation and you agree to these terms.

Contact us

For any questions about this site, and other questions concerning the field of folk dancing and dance in general, you can contact directly (indicating all the details of the applicant) by e-mail at:, or via Contact us here:


The information on “Rokdim” – the Dance Leader board and the dance sessions board, belongs to “Rokdim.” It is collected by “Rokdim” with great effort and is offered to the public free of charge. Any Dance Leader listed on the site can and is invited to edit his personal information, add, change, delete his/her dance sessions.

“Rokdim” continuously makes an effort to update this information and invites all Dance Leader’s to be responsible for the information listed under their name. The user is welcome to contact the dance leader to verify the existence of the dance session in a timely manner. “Rokdim” is not responsible for any change in activity that is not properly updated on the site.