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Circles Without Borders

Experiences through the Eye of the Camera

General On behalf of the Editors
General On behalf of the Editors

Circles Without Borders (Maagalim Lelo Gvulot) is a monthly harkada (dance session) consisting exclusively of circle dances – dances from all times and in all styles led by Tamir Scherzer and Michal Bachar. We started the harkada because we felt that something was missing from the landscape of today’s dance sessions. We are both veteran dancers with extensive knowledge and a broad repertoire, which is important for us to preserve and impart to more dancers.
Over the years, various types of harkadot were established, and a division was created:

“Nostalgia”, “Emtza Ha’Derech (dances of the middle generation)”, “Special”, many partner dance sessions, and of course, “regular” dance sessions.

Our vision is to connect all worlds and to make dances of a certain genre accessible to other audiences as well.

We dance dances from all years, and the key word is variety and nothing less. It is important for us to give the dancers the feeling that every harkada is a celebration!

To add interest, each month we choose a specific topic that is the focus of part of the harkada. Sometimes the dancers are even challenged to find dances related to the subject. And therefore – every month there is a different and unique repertoire. This includes remembering dances we danced in the past and have already forgotten, and sometimes even discovering “jewels” along the way that we did not know. In addition, part of the harkada is dedicated to requests from the dancers.

Sometimes we host a guest choreographer with whom we enjoy dancing his or her repertoire.

Choreographers who have been our guests include Dudu Barzilay, Marco Ben Shimon, Yaron Malichi, Eli Ronen, Victor Gabbay.

Other choreographers who have visited us include Shlomo Maman, Eyal Ozeri, Michael Barzelai (who is a regular dancer in the session), Elad Shtamer, Gila Paz, Dana Monet, Danielle Shkop, Oren Bachar, Ayelet Bukai, Liran Zecharia, André Shor and more…

Despite the great variety, it is important to us that those who faithfully attend the harkada will accumulate knowledge and expand their repertoire. For this reason, we hold a workshop during the first hour to enrich the repertoire. We teach a dance and we also review the dance taught last time. All of our workshop dances as well as other videos can be seen on our YouTube channel, “Maagalim Lelo Gvulot”.

Among the dances we have taught in the workshops:

Laila Bakahir – Yankele Levy

Pashut Anashim – Nurit Melamed

Shirat Ha’Navad – Nona Malki

Bukra – Moshe Eskayo

Haidel Haidel, Nofim – Moshiko Halevy

Beit Avi, Brosh – Israel Shiker

Hamalachim Holchim Al Behonot – Avi Peretz

Hatishma Koli – Tuvia Tishler

Hineini Kan – Eli Ronen

And many more beautiful dances…

In recent months, we have moved to our new home, in the renovated Beit HaTarbut (Cultural Center) in Neve Monosson (Yehud).


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