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Course for Folk Dance Instructors with “Campus Siim”, Tel Aviv University

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General On behalf of the Editors
General On behalf of the Editors

This year, the first course for folk dance instructors opened at Tel Aviv University, under the new management of Shlomo Maman and Yigal Triki. The course is called “Maman-1” with the intention that the course will become an annual tradition.

The purpose of the course is to train skilled dancers in the instruction of folk dance while also providing the tools for teaching in chugim and harkadot (classes and dance sessions) accompanied by the advice and guidance from the course’s team of experts.

Some of the participants come with the goal of becoming dance leaders while others come with a desire to enrich and expand their knowledge of Israeli dance.

The Course leaders are: Shlomo Maman – Dance Director, Yigal Triki – Course Director, Lior Cohen – Instructional Theory, Meirav Levin – Music. The Course Coordinator is Lora Sali.

Through the course, participants will learn about new technologies related to folk dance, integrating classic and contemporary folk dances, historical background, ethnic and international folk dance in Israel and around the world, general knowledge of different dance styles, staging performances and organizing events.

The students will receive practical dance lessons in movement, stability and how to properly hold the body, coordination, maintaining balance and a sense of rhythm.

The students will be taught how to teach children from kindergarten through high school and youth movements, as well as instruction for adults, seniors and those with special needs.

*A similar course, directed by Gadi Bitton, is being held concurrently under the umbrella of Tel-Hai Academic College..


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