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Dances in Competition at the Karmiel Festival

The dances that participated in the dance competitions in Karmiel from the first year until today

Yaron Meishar
Yaron Meishar

As part of my documentation work on the folk dances in our culture, I have received many requests from both dancers and instructors seeking to know the names of the dances that were presented as part of the “Folk Dance Competitions” from the first Karmiel Festival in 1988 until today.

It was difficult to reconstruct and arrive at the list below. I could not find all the lists. My thanks to Dov Orbach (documentation freak) for his tremendous assistance in restoring the lists.

At the early AshdoDance Festivals there were 2 or 3 competitions. Later, its artistic director, Avi Levy, decided that such competitions would not take place in Ashdod. According to him, “Folk dances are not an issue of interest or a subject for competition”. I wholeheartedly support his decision.

It is interesting to see which dances on the list are still being danced.

I was not able to find all the data, so there are some “holes” in the list. With your help, I would be happy to correct and add the missing data. Any changes or additions of competitions in the following years can be found in the text file here on the website.

The dances with the gray background have no documentation whatsoever on the “Rokdim” website.


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