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Dancing for Yoav

Experiences Through the Eye of the Camera

Nurit Grinfeld

When Yoav moved into sheltered housing, we decided to visit him every few months to warm his heart and keep in touch. We would sit with him on Friday mornings, order coffee and cake and then let Yoav go on telling his stories.

On one occasion, we asked him if they had a folk dance class hear? His answer: “No! The tenants here do not know at all who I am and that I have a connection to folk dancing”.

We said that this must be fixed. We asked that he refer us to the person in charge of entertainment. We wanted to hold an unforgettable evening in the home for old age, a kind of “this is my life” for Yoav with guests, dancers, choreographers and instructors who grew up with him. We arranged a meeting with her and together we set a date for the event: 16.7.19 from 18:00 to 19:30.

We started rolling things out. We set a dress code: blue and white (well not everyone was disciplined …), and we wrote a post on Facebook and the distribution of our dancers.

To our delight, there was a great response from everyone we approached. We recruited Shlomo Arusi to manage the sound and music. Shlomo did that, for the past years, in Yoav’s dance sessions.

About 60 dancers arrived. It was a magical evening.



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