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Keren Shemesh – Sunbeam

Dance of the Month

General On behalf of the Editors
General On behalf of the Editors

Dudu Barzilay was born in 1974. He has been instructing and choreographing Israeli folk dances for over 30 years.

His father, Mishael Barzilay z”l, was one of the founders of Israeli folk dance in Israel. Dudu emphasizes that thanks to his father, and with his help, he got into this amazing profession that he loves so very much!

He is married to Odelia and is the father of three children, Maayan, Maor, and Agam, who also love to dance.

He leads sessions at Beit Dani in Tel Aviv, in Shoham and in Ashdod.

Dudu’s dances can be viewed on the “Rokdim” website here:

Dudu tells us about his dance:

I requested the song from my friend, Sharon Elkaslassy, after a dance for the song had been registered in his name with Irgun Hamarkidim – the Dance Leaders Organization. Sharon responded positively, enabling me to choreograph my dance to the song, and for that, I thanked him.

The song touched my heart – the music and performance – all by Benaia Barabi.

I wanted to choreograph a dance that everyone would dance with love and without having to think about the steps so that it would be a simple and flowing dance!

I am happy to see the dance on all the dance floors in Israel and around the world. Thank you to everyone.

Here is the Damce:

Dance notation:

Meter:         4/4

Formation:  Circle

PART I       Face CCW

1-2              Two steps fwd on the line of the circle: R,L.

3&4            Step-tog-step: R fwd, close with L, step R fwd.

5-6              Step L fwd and pivot on L to left to face CW (1/2 turn left), step R bwd.

7&8             Quick Yem. L bwd.

9-10            Leap fwd onto R to rt. step L across R.

11&12        Quick Yem. R bwd.

13-14           Turn to left with two steps: Begin with a small leap onto L to face out of center, step R across L pivoting ½ turn left to face center.

15&16        Quick Yem. L bwd.

17&18        Moving toward center: RLR fwd leading with rt. shoulder while raising rt. arm.

19-20          Step L toward center and pivot ½ turn to rt. to face out of center, step fwd on R.

21-24 With back to center, repeat counts 17-20 with opposite footwork and arm moving out of circle center to end facing center.

25&26        Moving sideward: R-tog-R to rt. side.

27&28        Step L behind R, R to rt. L across R.

29-32          Sway R-L; full turn to rt. on the line of the circle with R,L.

33-48          Repeat counts 1-16.

49-52           Move fwd toward center: R-tog-R, L-tog-L extending right and left arms respectively and using hands in a greeting gesture.

53-56 Step R fwd, back on L, step R bwd, touch L heel fwd while raising arms with elbows bent.

57&58        LRL fwd toward center.

59-60           Step R fwd, step back on L and face CCW.

61-64           R to rt. toward outside of circle, step L across R, turn to rt. with R,L to end facing center.

PART II     Face Center

1-2&           With feet apart, “sit” [bend both knees]; hop twice on R.

3&4             Step L behind, R to rt. side, step L across R.

5-6              Full turn to rt. on line of circle with R,L.

7&8            R-tog-R moving to rt. on line of circle and end facing CCW.

9-10            Step L fwd, back on R and face center.

11-12           Step L to left to face CW, step back on R.

13&14         Step L behind R, R to rt., L across R and face center.

15-16           1&1/4 turn to rt. on line of circle with R,L to end facing CCW.

17-18           Step R fwd, point L toes fwd.

19&20         Quick Yem. L bwd and face center.

21-24           Repeat counts 17-20 while facing center.

25-28           Four step turn circling left: R,L,R,L.

29-56           Repeat Part II counts 1-28.

Repeat Dance

Ending:      Step R fwd raising arms, hold.

Instructions notated by Honey Goldfein

Keren Shemesh

Lyrics: Benaia Barabi and Avi Ochayon

Music: Benaia Barabi, Avi Ochayon, Matan Dror

Al telchi, keren shemesh

Lo nigmar lanu hayom

Lama at mistateret?

Ananim bechol makom

Al tivki, kmo hageshem

Lo chaval al hadma’ot

Yad chama, mevakeshet

Lechabek otach sha’ot

Pizmon (Chorus):

Asim shirim she’at ohevet

Eten lach yom le’heraga

Ani nignav she’at tzocheket

Kacha elai

Tagidi ma at mevakeshet

Shelo yihyeh li shum terutz

Kshe’ein milim at mitrageshet

Kacha elai

Techaiyichi, ze yafe lach

Ze ose li et hayom

Im pit’om at nirdemet

Techaiyichi gam bachalom

Metosim bashamayim

Anashim al rakavot

Al tivki, keren shemesh

Ze hazman shelach lichyot

Pizmon (Chorus)…

Al tivki, keren shemesh

Kchi lach bayit acharon

Eich tamid,at omeret

Nipagesh im or rishon

Pizmon (Chorus)…

Don’t leave, sunbeam

Our day has not yet ended

Why are you, hiding?

Clouds are everywhere

Don’t cry, like the rain

No need for tears

A warm hand asks

To embrace you for hours


I’ll put on songs that you love

I’ll give you a day to relax

I’m captivated when you laugh

That’s how it is to me

Tell me what you want

So that I won’t have any excuse

When there aren’t any words you get emotional

That’s how it is to me

Smile, it looks beautiful on you

It makes my day

If suddenly you fall asleep

Smile also when you dream

Airplanes in the skies

People on trains

Don’t cry, sunbeam

This is your time to live



Don’t cry, sunbeam

Take the last verse for yourself

As you always say

We’ll meet at first light


Lyrics transliterated and translated by Ruth Goodman


מגיב/ה בתור אורחת
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