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Memories of Last Gatherings with Moshe Eskayo

Moshe Eskayo z”l: 11.30.1931 – 4.5.2022

Yaron Meishar
Yaron Meishar

During the past two years, Moshe had spent his days at the Ateret Rimonim Nursing Home in Bnei Brak.

A dedicated staff that accompanied Moshe, was in constant contact with the family and allowed us to visit him and dance for him on several occasions.

Unfortunately, some of the planned sessions were canceled due to Covid-19. All together we managed to hold 6 sessions there. Thanks to all the dedicated dancers who participated:

Dancing for Moshe #1 – 11.26.20 –

Hanukkah party #2 – 12.10.20 –

Dancing for Moshe #3 – 4.19.21 –

Dancing for Moshe #4 – 6.28.21 –

Dancing for Moshe #5 – 10.2.21 –

On March 27, 2022, nine days before Moshe passed away, we visited him for the last time. We were aware of his condition but did not think that the end was so near. Naftali Hayat, who organized the meeting, played Libavtini for Moshe on his flute:


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