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We Will Remember October 7, 2023

We will remember forever

General On behalf of the Editors
General On behalf of the Editors


We Will Remember October 7, 2023
The Dancers and Instructors

Bow our heads in memory of:

● Those murdered in the towns bordering Gaza and throughout the State of Israel

● The heroic soldiers who fell in defense of the towns and the war against our enemies

● And we long for the total and immediate return of all of those kidnapped


We are determined to strengthen:

● The hearts and spirits of the families of the kidnapped

● The evacuated civilians who were torn from their homes in the South and the North

● The wonderful civilian organizations and civilians, all of whom are volunteering everywhere and in every possible way to do good

We applaud the community of folk dance instructors who are volunteering in every way and are making every effort to bring joy to the civilians.


Thank you to the dancers and instructors abroad for raising funds and for their heartwarming support.

Our hearts are with all of the Jewish communities around the world at this time when antisemitism and hatred of Israel are rearing their heads.

We will keep Dancing!



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