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Imagination And Passion

Esti Katz

As a teenager, there was a dance troupe in Givatayim and I, who was already dancing classical ballet, was given an audition and accepted into the troupe.

Yoav, “little big man” with a youthful appearance, arrives at the rehearsal. As he starts to direct the dancers, he unfolds for us the images he sees in his imagination … and suddenly, he becomes a “persona.

Yoav is full of energy, the joy of life, endless enthusiasm, creativity, musicality and with an imagination like that of a painter or photographer who sees images-pictures before his eyes. This is how he builds a choreography, piece by piece, already knowing what the costume will be for each, girls and boys. Each piece is an entire story – Yoav narrates and we are hypnotized.

With this story, we learn the choreography. Rehearsal after rehearsal…. Fine-tuning, the gaze, the smile, the posture and a gentle gesture here or there. This is how Yoav aimed for the most subtle nuance. And so, throughout my youth, and shortly after I was released from the Nahal Troupe, I went back to dancing in Yoav’s dance troupe.

Yoav Ashriel – dance instructor, teacher, choreographer full of imagination and passion and love of the Land of Israel, music, movement and dance.

We received an excellent education from Yoav – things like precision, meeting a schedule, listening, perseverance, not giving in to difficulty, the desire for excellence and seriousness. Every rehearsal with him was a unique experience.

And I always thought that this man, the child in the body of an adult, would be with us forever, because he is timeless.

A big hug and a huge thank you, on your last journey from here to infinity. I will never forget you.



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