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Komuna, An initiative to inspire the younger generation to participate in folk dance

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General On behalf of the Editors
General On behalf of the Editors

From the age of 8, thanks to my dear parents, I breathe the culture of folk dance and Israeli dance.

At the age of 16, I was trained as a full-time instructor and since then, I have been teaching Israeli folk dance with great pride, in various settings both in Israel and around the world.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that the number of young people in the circle is small. A fear grew in me that this unique culture would completely disappear. This is a unique cultural phenomenon, with an intense power to connect diverse people in one social circle, full of energy, life, and joy; it moves me each and every time. I decided that I must act here and now to fulfill my dream: that all of Israel will dance.

In May 2017, concurrent with my university studies, I founded “Komuna” – the first project of its kind in the country. Its sole purpose is to connect young people through the world of folk dance and Israeli dance. In fact, it is a living and dynamic community that preserves Israeli culture in a creative and innovative way. It is a platform for young people to expand their social circles. Beyond that, members of the community “sharpen” their Israeli identity through it and, in an experiential way, cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

For the first time in Israel, many young people connect, enjoy and dance Israeli folk dances with sweeping energy in a family atmosphere. We hold weekly dance sessions and festive events with the participation of many young people from diverse backgrounds of Israeli society: students, new immigrants, religious and secular and even dancers from countries around the world. Komuna members continue to maintain their social connection outside of dance sessions in shared Shabbat meals, tours, volunteering and more.

The project has been operating in Jerusalem for over four years. After impressive achievements such as: receiving the “Discovery of the Year” Award from the Ministry of Culture and Sports and articles that have been published about it in the media and on the television, there was an increased demand for Komuna to expand to the center of Israel. Therefore, the Komuna activities were expanded to Tel Aviv. Melu Laniado, a dear friend, and talented dance instructor, who emigrated from Argentina to Israel, joined the Komuna team. She leads the new community in Tel Aviv, hand in hand together with me.

On December 1, 2021, Komuna held an official opening event in the center of Tel Aviv. Over one hundred young people from the center of Israel participated. Most of those present, joining our ranks, are a “new generation” of Israeli folk dancers.

Here are photos from the exciting opening night in Tel Aviv. Photos full of light and colors, energy and new connections.

Spread the word and join the magic that Komuna creates every week anew!


Photos 1 + 2: Abundant refreshments in the light of Hanukkah

Photo 3: Young dancers join the center of the circle and follow Hila

Photo 4: Personal attention to each and every dancer

Photo 5: Partner dances

Photo 6: Greetings from the Komuna staff and the founder, Hila Mukdasi, on the occasion of the opening of the new dance session and celebrating Hanukkah

Photo 7: Interacting through line dancing

Photo 8: Line dancing

Photo 9: Dancing in the Hanukkah spirit with ultraviolet lighting

Photo 10: Dancers smiling during partner dances

Photo 11: Festive candle lighting

Photo 12: A veteran dancer helps to integrate new dancers

Photo 13: Holding hands in one circle as the grounds to connect members of Komuna

Photo 14: Dedicated time during the dance session to connect to each other

Photo 15: “The Survivors” – the last dancers at the end of the evening

Photo 16: Closing dance

Photo 17: New immigrants from around the world integrating into Israeli society through the culture of Israeli folk dance

Photo 18: Members of the Jerusalem Komuna arrived at the opening event in Tel Aviv

Photo 19: Translation services for new immigrants and guests from abroad

Photo 20: Just dancing! Together!


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